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24 Jun

Student Enrolment

Posted by Chris Hall

StudyLink Connect is a cloud-based student admissions management platform. We recently integrated StudyLink with a CRM solution for a leading University to drive a quicker response in order to convert an increased number of International students.


Research shows that 35-50% of sales goes to the vendor that responds first [Source:]. There is a strong correlation between the speed of response and the likelihood of closing new business. Speed matters, so effort needs to be focused on reliable, timely follow up to qualified offers. Further, that follow up needs to align with the student’s language and study preferences.

Student administration solutions such as Studylink are a custodian of the application process. Web portals capture thorough and complete applications, which are then processed by the University leading to a qualified offer or an unqualified outcome. This is an iterative process often requiring further supporting information from the candidate. Once a qualified offer is made, the work of selling the University begins in an otherwise highly competitive market. Students commonly receive multiple offers so University credentials is a key determinant. However, receiving a phone call from someone speaking the same language and being able to discuss an offer personalises the situation and improves the chances of enrolment.

This outbound activity is triggered the moment an application moves to a qualified offer status. In other words, the process serves as a workflow to drive focused, outbound call‑centre activity. This activity is prioritised to suit the University’s needs and current focus e.g. Students from China wanting to study Master of Accounting (Professional).

The solution revolves around cases known as interactions. Interactions track the dialogue with the student over time. Calls, emails, social media and other sources are related to an interaction. For the representative, an interaction summarises the dialogue held and records an outcome, which is in process, success or failure. Once a prospective student accepts or rejects an offer, the process concludes.

The process described was initially a manual process. Qualified offers were received from StudyLink and progressed to enrolment through spreadsheets. This had challenges including scalability and accuracy. Nonetheless the process demonstrated higher student enrolments and automation was a logical successor.


In addition to the process described above, other capabilities have been delivered, such as: 

  • (Re)Targeting of lapsed offers where no provider has been chosen;
  • Marketing automation leveraging the rich base of data in the CRM to send Calls-to-Action;
  • Alignment of inbound requests pre-application to create a richer view of the candidate;
  • Reporting and analytics focusing on recruitment performance;
  • etc.

The integration was created as an integral component of the CRM platform SugarCRM. The solution is administered as if it were a native component and not an adjunct. The integration embeds the following StudyLink objects:

  • Applications/Students;
  • Countries;
  • Courses;
  • Intakes (Sessions); and
  • Agents.

SugarCRM enables businesses to create extraordinary customer relationships with the most innovative, flexible and affordable CRM solution in the market. The company uniquely places the individual at the center of its solution—helping businesses transform the customer experience and enable highly personalised interactions that drive customer excellence and loyalty throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

StudyLink Connect is a proven cloud-based student admissions management platform. By making it faster and simpler to manage agent-generated and direct student applications, university admissions teams can achieve exceptional conversion rates. In the FY14 financial year, StudyLink Connect processed 90,000+ student applications from 1,500 agents in over 40 Universities around the World.

Integrating StudyLink Connect with a CRM solution can help increase student enrolment. Through integration, the student recruitment process can be tuned to project a timely, responsive impression and a more satisfying applicant experience.

Chris Hall

Chris Hall

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